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JAN 1                New Year's Day: 108 Sun Salutations - Live the Tradition!!!

JAN 7 -28          Beginner's Series, Saturdays @ 10am with Gail Frassetta

JAN 15              Arm Balance Workshop with Gail Frassetta 

FEB 4                 Studio Sol 1 Year Anniversary! FREE yoga & mimosas

FEB 11               Heart Openers/ Backbend Workshop with Jess Severs

FEB 25                Headstand Workshop with Jess Severs

MARCH 4           Inversions Workshop Level 2 with Jess Severs

MARCH 18         KPETS (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Service) event, FREE yoga

APRIL 15             SAMBA (Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Assoc) event, FREE yoga 

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