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SOL Yoga Design
SOL Yoga Design
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FREE 4th of July Yoga
Celebrate with us!

Saturday, July 6

Two chances for free yoga!

Flow with T. Rowe and try out two sweaty yoga classes for FREE! U.S.A. colors encouraged! 🇺🇸

9:15 am: 30 min. TOTAL CORE

10:00 am: 1 hr. HOLIDAY Flow 

Cost: FREE!

SOL Yoga Design


SOL Yoga Design
Power Flow Class Sugarcane Pose
Power Flow

Strong + Empowering

A soul-nourishing, vinyasa class with athletic, and sweaty flows. Flow breath to movement with our signature Zen-Sweat-Zen for an empowering mind/body connection.

 *Heated to 90+

Mobility + Flexibility Class
Mobility + Flexibility

Functional Movement

Increase flexibility + range of motion through focused movement and yoga poses. Each class will target a specific body area such as: hips, shoulders, arms and lower body. 

Yin Class Prayer Hands
Candelight Yin

Surrender + Relax

Cultivate deep relaxation by encouraging myo-fascial release of connective tissues. Typical poses are held for 2 minutes with props used throughout class. *Heated to 80+

Pilates Class, Instructor Smiling

Core-centric workout

Experience deep core-conditioning exercises for improved back mobility, spinal posture, and flatter abs. Leave class feeling tall + strong! *Heated to 85+

Morning Yoga Class
Flow + Go

Wake up, Stretch + Flex

Greet the sun with this enthusiastic "feel-good" power yoga + core conditioning class to prepare you to conquer your day! You'll leave feeling invigorated and inspired.

Flow Class Bow Pose

Mindful + Intentional

A creative vinyasa flow class with ample time and detailed cues to get safely into the poses, move with breath, and generate good heat.  Align your mind, body, and soul!

 *Heated to 80+

Focus + Flow Half Moon Pose
Focus + Flow

Dive deep + Gain confidence

Focus on a peak yoga pose to build physical and mental strength. Grow to your fullest expression in poses and gain confidence in your yoga practice. *Heated to 80+

Vin to Yin Class
Vin to Yin

Move + Release

Ease in with a gentle vinyasa flow, warming your body and relaxing your mind. Then, unwind in soothing yin postures, releasing  stress and tension. *Heated to 85+ 

Yoga Instructor Showing Baby Grasshopper
Soul Flow

Spiritual + Zen

Nourish your soul in this mindful, vinyasa class. Embrace free-spirited movements, energy clearing + guided meditations. *Heated to 80+ 

Instructor guiding half moon pose
Private Yoga Lessons

Personalized Instruction

Kickstart your yoga journey! Cultivate your goals + accommodate your body in a private setting. Let us help you increase vitality and take your practice to the next level.

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