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powerful & fun

Teresa Rowe Owner of Studio SOL Yoga Hershey

Teresa (T) Rowe, 500 hr RYT (Founder) 

Align & Shine! Have fun with T as you breathe, learn anatomical cues to improve your poses, and get a good dose of core conditioning. May you leave class feeling Strong, Calm, & Connected.

spiritual & empowering

Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor Sonya Torres

Sonya Torres

(Studio Manager)

Sonya began her journey into yoga as a way to heal her body. Through this process she developed a love for both the physical and mental benefits of yoga! She blends creative vinyasa flows with dynamic music to encourage intuitive movement and inner clarity. You’ll leave class feeling aligned, confident, and excited for more!

nurturing & knowledgable

Gail Frassetta Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor

Gail Frassetta, 500 hr RYT

Gail studied Hatha, Ashtanga, meditation, pranayama and yogic philosophy in depth in India. She specializes in teaching functional mobility, beginner yoga, and vinyasa flow. She creates thoughtful flows for her classes that encourages you to explore how your body moves and invites you to walk the line between effort and ease.

intuitive & free spirited

Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor Marisa Sage

Marisa Sage

Marisa's journey with yoga began as an act of self care that turned into self love practice as she fell into a deep devotional practice returning to the body, awakening the mind and enlivening the spirit within! She's a hippie at heart & a mom of three children who loves working with nature, animals and the Earth.

strong & sweet

Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Pilates Instructor Cari Linn

Cari Linn

Classically trained in Pilates, Cari aims to strengthen the body, improve balance, and build the core throughout her classes! Her sweet demeanor will help you power through her accessible, but still challenging class. She's a fitness loving mama who dedicates her heart and soul into her craft!

empowering & challenging

Jess Severs Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor

Jess Severs

Jess has thousands of hours of teaching beyond her certification! She teaches focused yoga classes which target and engage particular muscle groups to help students build strength, flexibility and greater range of motion for life on and off the mat. An added bonus is the mental clarity and mental strength that naturally.

uplifting & soulful

Suzy Wolf Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor

Suzy Wolf

As a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years, Suzy's passion evolved into teaching yoga in order to share the ancient science that was designed to liberate the mind. Her style of yoga is slow power which incorporates interactive expression in order to quiet the mind and focus on the breath through self-awareness. Join her for mindful movement with intention.

compassionate & accepting

Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor Kira Putt

Kira Putt

Kira Putt truly teaches from her heart and embraces a commitment to yogic principles. Through a dedicated personal practice, she discovered more space, breath, and movement in her life, before completing her yoga teacher training. She's a mom of 2 energetic boys and a nonprofit power house who cultivates peace, time and space for her students through nurturing, intentional flows.

mindful & attentive

Matty Crager Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor, Mobility Specialist

Matty Crager, 500 hr RYT  Functional Range Conditioning and Mobility Specialist

Through simple anatomy lessons and challenging asana sequences, Matty’s classes offer space for students to build foundational knowledge about their bodies while letting loose and having fun.

encouraging  &  philosophical

Joy Riley Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor

Joy Riley

Joy pulls experience from completing her yoga teacher training in Indonesia, being a certified Pilates instructor, teaching P.E. at HACC for 20 years, owning a fitness/dance company, and being a professional tennis coach.  Her experience is equally matched by her delightful warm personality and she is beloved by any student lucky enough to take her classes.

energetic &  enthusiastic

Christy Ricker Studio SOL Hershey Yoga Instructor

Christy Ricker

Christy Ricker is a highly experienced teacher who has been sharing her passion for movement and mindfulness for over 30 years. Her classes have a unique blend of yoga and Pilates focusing on flow, core, and stretching. Her contagious energy creates a transformative and invigorating practice!

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