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Strong • Calm • Connected  

Industrial chic meets Sweat & Zen at Studio Sol where music beats intertwine the comfortable vibe in the main studio, the loft studio and the "hang-out" lounge. 


Connect with yourself, Connect with others. 

Enjoy curated energy experiences that help create a shift in your wellness & help you to transform.


Our academic emphasis is the key to learning how to increase your postural alignment, vitality, strength, and mindfulness.

Namaste Hershey PA

SOL T Rowe Graphic.png

teresa "t" Rowe

meet the founder

SOL is not my studio . . . it's our Studio.

(I just happened to be crazy enough to build it!)  


Why SOL?

During Covid, many studios closed and doing yoga at home got boring and left me feeling disconnected.  I longed for the socialization, inspiration, and encouragement of practicing with others in a real high-energy studio.  Doing group in-person yoga helps me to avoid depression and anxiety and dozens of others have echoed the same. Yes, our town needed a new energized space for people to move and enjoy together . . .

thus my huge undertaking of creating Studio SOL.

About Me. 

I am a certified 500 RYT with advanced training in anatomical alignment with a passion for teaching cues to help students gain real measurable improvement in their yoga poses, in their sports, and in their spinal alignment.  My passions for music, strong abs and chakra/energy sprinkle my classes with hopes for a better you beyond the studio!

May you feel Young, Strong, & Calm


- Teresa "T" Rowe, Founder

SOL instructors

Our uplifting talented teachers bring Studio Sol to life! They are carefully chosen individuals, many of whom have trained all over the world, and they are excited to assist you, guide you, & inspire you on your journey to your best self.

Our schedule reflects recurring weekly instructors plus some experts that share occasionally on weekends, Our main instructors are: T. Rowe, Jessica Severs, Gail Frassetta, Sheona Little, Tansy Foster, Chelsea Wanco, AnnMarie Durnin, Laura Reed Lewis, Kara Perella, Lindsay Helt, Lisa Hahnlen, Shaun Levi, Suzy Wolf, Christy Ricker, and Joy Riley

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Share your gifts

Do you have a healthy passion that you would like to share with the community? Wanna lead a seminar or workshop at Studio SOL! Our mission is to bring a variety of events for our students at the studio and we would love to host you!

Perhaps you prefer to teach classes or be a volunteer, just let us know!

Please email

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